Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lunch Hour - Cesar Chavez State Park Berkeley - Burrowing Owls - 1/28/11

          I've spent the past few lunch hours observing the burrowing owls at Cesar Chavez State Park in Berkeley. Today I located another owl that I had not previously seen before. The owl posed quite nicely as I took several photos.
Burrowing Owl

Burrowing Owl

Burrowing Owl

          I also revisited the two owls in the fenced off area. These owls were crouched in or near their burrows

Burrowing Owl in the Grass

Burrowing Owl Halfway in it's Burrow

Burrowing Owl

          As I was driving back to work I noticed a Great Blue Heron perched peacefully on one leg in a marshland beside the road so I quickly pulled over for a photo.

Great Blue Heron

          If you do go to Cesar Chavez to check out the owls please be mindful and respectful. Refrain from pointing at the owls as this can draw the attention of predators putting the owls at risk. If you are walking a dog please keep it on a short leash. If you happen to see dog owners with unleashed pets, don't be shy, tell them about why it is important to leash their dog.
          Just as I got in my car and pulled away I noticed a Hawk perched on a light post above me. I was able to capture the following photo out the window of my car.

Red Tailed Hawk

          It is great to see nature start to reclaim and reform the land as the whole shoreline is essentially landfill.

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