Friday, April 1, 2011

Tamalpais Ridgecrest Wildlife - 4/1/11

          Sarah and I had plans to stay Friday night at the Sandpiper Lodge in Stinson Beach. As I drove over the mountain to meet Sarah at work I decided to deviate and head up on the Ridge to take in some views.
          I spotted a bobcat so I pulled over at the nearest pullout. I managed to catch it just as it crossed the road and disappeared into the brush.

Why did the Bobcat Cross the Road?

          I then walked through a meadow and out to where I had a view of the ocean. Several deer fed along the outskirts of the meadow, eying me as I strolled by. I came across a very loud Stellar’s Jay whom I believe was nesting in the area because it held its ground as I passed.

Steller's Jay

          I backtracked to the car, continuing along Ridgecrest Blvd I kept my eyes peeled. I saw a flock of wild turkeys pecking there way down a hillside and later encountered a coyote relaxing in the sun. I observed from a distance for a while before it moseyed out of view.


          Running late to meet Sarah at Stinson I headed off the ridge.

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  1. Great sightings, Cole! Ridgecrest can be such a great place to see wildlife!