Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunrise at Eagle Falls & Emerald Bay - 5/30/11

Pre Sunrise at the top of Eagle Falls

          I pulled up to the Eagle Falls lot about half hour before sunrise to find several cars already there. Eagle Falls is a popular place for photographers, especially at sunrise. The sky was dimly lit with a hue of pink at the horizon line. I walked down to the brink of the falls where several photographers armed with tripods were jockeying for position.

Top Tiers of Eagle Falls

Cascade on top of Eagle Falls

Rising Sun Washes out the Sky at Eagle Falls

          As I snapped off several photos and the sun got closer to the horizon I realized I didn’t have proper filters to get the shot that I wanted when the sun peaked. So with a few minutes to spare I abandoned the brink of the falls and scrambled down a granite ridge to get a shot of the falls themselves with the first rays of sunlight.

Eagle Falls at Sunrise

          From my vantage point I was able to look down upon the multiple tiers of the falls leading into mighty Lake Tahoe. The view of Emerald Bay and Fannette Island with the sun rising overhead was extraordinary.

Sunrise & Emerald Bay

          I must say that when the crowds are not around, this is one of my favorite places in the South Lake area.
          I then walked back up to the area on top of Eagle falls which is full of small cascades and wonderful pools. The light was beaming in magically and where there wasn't white water it was crystal clear.

The Brink of Eagle Falls

Shimmering Water on the Brink of Eagle Falls

Crystal Clear Stream Above Eagle Falls

Magical Morning Light on Crystal Clear Creek

          Once the sun was up and the road stared to busy with more cars I headed back the car and drove back to camp at Fallen Leaf Lake. (Click Here to read my Fallen Leaf Lake car camping trip report.)

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