Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice at Laurel Dell and Bolinas Ridge - 6-21-11

          It was summer solstice, the longest day of the year, and Sarah and I wanted to catch sunset from Bolinas Ridge. We planned on meeting on the ridge after she got off of work at around 7:30PM.
          I arrived at the Laurel Dell parking lot with a couple of hours before it was time to meet Sarah so I went for a stroll down to Cataract Creek and Laurel Dell. While descending the fire road I noticed several Foxgloves of various colors. I continued past the connector to Cataract Trail and once I reached Cataract Creek I was greeted by many more Foxgloves hugging the creek side.

Foxglove(Digitalis purpurea L.)Poisonous

          I really like Foxgloves as they can grow to be taller than I am and come in an array of colors. All parts of the plant are poisonous.
          I hung around the creek for a while just meditating before continuing on to Laurel Dell. The Laurel Dell meadow was gorgeous with its tall grasses and patches of wildflowers.

Laurel Dell Meadow

Beauty and the Beast

          The mosquitoes started buzzing me so I started to walk back, this time taking the Cataract Trail. I kept my eyes open for anything particularly interesting but soon arrived at the footbridge where I would connect back with the Laurel Dell Fire Rd. I slowly hiked my way back to the car and drove around looking for wildlife while waiting for Sarah to arrive.
          She showed up right on time and we tried to decide where we wanted to watch sunset from. The problem was that it was Summer Solstice and there were more people on the ridge than I have ever seen. We were in the mood to be away from people so we kept searching for a place. We ended up settling for a secluded spot on the ridge where we couldn’t even see the sunset. GO FIGURE! Regardless, it was nice to enjoy the golden colors on the swaying grasses without staring at a blinding orb.

Last Light Summer Solstice

          We hung out until we heard the Park Ranger on the loud speaker announce it was time to go. The colorful sky to the west blended from pink to blue and I couldn’t resist stopping for one last picture.

Westward Sky

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