Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mt. Shasta Area Trip - 9/15/10 Day 6 - Girard Ridge Fire Lookout

We awoke to a beautiful view of the first sun hitting the Crags. I made Sarah tea in bed.

Life's Greatest Pleasure.......Tea in Bed

We had a slow morning and an even slower afternoon, taking a short nap. We watched Mt. Shasta erupt!!

Eruption of Mt. Shasta!!!

Actually it was a jet stream lined up just right for a great image.
Soon after we were lucky enough to witness of Mt. Shasta's imfamous lenticular clouds. Some say it is where the mother ship hides!

Lenticular Cloud aka UFO cloud

Later we stretched our legs a bit by taking a short walk down forest road 39N13.

Historic Girard Fire Lookout

We enjoyed the evening while drinking beer and wine. A few clouds lingered for sunset displaying some color.

Sunset Colors


I managed to take a few night photos, however, they don’t do a great job of portraying the vibe.

Night Shot

Night Shot with Lookout lit by flashlight

The amount of stars in the night sky were magnificent. I found the following time lapse video (compliments of Henry Cline)to paint a beautiful picture of the Girard Lookout.

We were awoken in the night by a large animal rustling in the bushes outside, however, I never did identify what it was.

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