Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mt. Shasta Area Trip - 9/10/10 Day 1 - Cave Springs Resort , Dunsmuir

We made great time on our drive up north despite it being Friday afternoon. Interstate 5 seemed to speed things up a bit. Shortly after 9 PM we arrived at our destination Cave Springs in the historic town of Dunsmuir, Ca.
Cave Springs is a funky little spot just off of I5 situated right alongside the Sacramento River. It is a Motel, but they also offer rustic cabins and other vacation rentals. We had the pleasure of staying in one of the rustic cabins. I had stayed here once before as a child for 4th of July and remember having a great time. Let me reiterate that Cave Springs’ Cabins are “Rustic” with all the state of the art amenities of 1923. If you go there expecting anything more you could be disappointed. With that being said, it is a perfect jumping off point for many adventures in the greater Mt. Shasta area. Cave Springs is not the quietest of places. You’ve got traffic noise from I5 which is mostly droned out by the sound of the Sacramento River. You also have a set of live train tracks that parallel the river on the opposite side with several trains coming through each day and night. Despite Sarah’s extreme sensitivity to noise, we were able to fully relax and enjoy ourselves.
After a long day at work and the lengthy drive we went to sleep fairly early. Just as we lay down to sleep we heard loud music coming from outside. I opened the door to hear what sounded like band practice. At the time, I couldn’t pin point where the noise was coming from but figured it was one of the nearby residences. Soon all I could hear was the sound of a drum set. Again I opened the door, this time to hear a drum solo. This was no ordinary drum solo… You know when you’re at a concert and they give the drummer about a minute to show off their stuff. Well this was about 15 minutes of that. Non stop, fast paced, incredible drumming. I was imagining a crazy looking guy jacked up on methamphetamine, pouring gallons of sweat out of his head while drumming like there was no tomorrow. It eventually ended and we got to sleep. As we would later find out “The Big Brother & the Holding Company” (Janis Joplin’s original band) was playing the next night at the baseball field just down the street. I’m guessing that was sound check?

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