Sunday, March 20, 2011

Palm Desert - Desert Walk - 3/20/11

          A work event brought me south to Palm Desert for a few days to attend a trade show. Despite the extremely poor use of water and all of the golf courses Palm Desert and the Coachella Valley is a beautiful area with dramatic landscapes. Coachella Valley lies between Joshua Tree National Monument to the east and the Santa Rosa / San Jacinto Mountains to the west.

View from my Balcony

          I stayed at a typical Golf Resort, with all expenses paid which I really couldn't complain about, however, I wanted to go explore the desert and enjoy the early spring wildflowers. As we drove through town I found myself eying the nearby mountains and spotting trails leading up rough and rugged terrain. Work took up the majority of the time but I was lucky enough to get out for one brief walk in the desert.
Black Tailed Jack Rabbit

Anna's Hummingbird

Desert Wildflowers

Desert Mushroom

          With just under an hour of free time I wasn’t even able to scratch the surface of what the area has to offer. Near by are great locations such as Joshua Tree, The Salton Sea, Anza Borrego and more. It is such a different environment from Northern California with lots of interesting new things to learn and experience. I can't wait to revisit the area on my own time.

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  1. Looks like an awesome place to visit. My husband and I were looking into Palm Desert vacation rentals for next year. I think after your pictures, it is a place we really have to go. It'll be a chance of pace from the "normal" California vacation.