Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tennessee Valley - Bobcat Encounter - 3/1/11

          I ventured to Tennessee Valley after work to take a walk and look for wildlife. I didn’t have to walk far for just a few hundred yards down the main paved path I spotted a small Bobcat grooming itself. It paid no mind to any of the passerbys and continued to scratch and lick itself.

Bobcat Grooming

          After several minutes of grooming the cat stood up and did a big stretch.

Bobcat Stretching

          It then proceeded to scamper down the hillside in my directon and then onto the paved path itself before retreating back onto the hill.

Bobcat on the Prowl

Close Encounter

Taking a Stroll

Posing Nicely

          Again it came down from the hill, this time crossing the paved path to hunt in the riparian area on the other side. It is amazing at how well these animals blend into the landscape. I watched it pounce and successfully catch a rodent of some kind.

Bobcat Hunting

Bobcat with Prey in Mouth

          If you look at the picture above carefully you can see the eyes of its prey hanging out of the side of the cat’s mouth.

Bobcat in the Grass

          It then took its meal and crouched in some thick grass while it ate. Shortly thereafter the cat stood up and pounced again, successfully capturing another meal. By this point the last light was dissipating and the wind had turned my fingers numb. It was time for me to go. It felt like it was a lucky day!


  1. Cole,

    Stunning pics! Glad you were there to take them, all I have are my iPhone snaps, not quite the same.. But what an encounter that was!


  2. These are great, Cole! Looks like DeNiro.

  3. Thanks John.
    I just spoke with my mom who is a volunteer at Wildcare and she said they just got in a bobcat. I'm not sure yet but they think it might be "the friendly one" from Tennessee Valley.