Monday, August 15, 2011

Hope Valley - West Fork Carson River - 8/13/11

          From our cabin we took the Mormon Emigrant Trail to Hwy 88 and then headed east past Silver and Caples Lakes then over Carson Pass. I wanted to stop at Carson Pass and take some photos of Red Lake; however, there was some road work going on that caused the lake to be extremely muddy and ugly.
          A few minutes later before reaching the junction with Hwy 88 and Hwy 89 we found a nice spot to park the car alongside Hope Valley Meadow. We walked gently across the meadow and set up a picnic blanket on the edge of the West Fork of the Carson River.

Picnic on West Fork Carson River

          It was a gorgeous day, the sun shining and wispy white clouds floating in the sky. The West Fork of the Carson River is one of mine and Sarah's favorite rivers, so peaceful and with such breathtaking surroundings. There’s also something to be said for dry meadows and their lack of mosquitoes! At one bend in the river a dense patch of lilies were blooming and I waded out into the cool water to get a better look.

Water Lilies

West Fork Carson River

Nice Views, Cold Feet!

Windblown Spent Flowers in Hope Valley

West Fork Carson River

Cloudscape above Hope Valley

          We spent a couple hours relaxing and unknowingly getting sun burned. At least we made it until the end of the trip before suffering from the sun.
          Eventually we pulled ourselves away from the river and started our drive back to the cabin. I pulled over a couple of times for photo ops along the way.

The Nipple

          If you ever get the chance to visit Hope Valley in the Fall you will be treated to spectacular displays of Fall color.

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