Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Marin Headlands Wise Owl - 10-11-11

          Sarah and I often like to take walks in Gerbode Valley as it is often peaceful and provides ample opportunity for wildlife sightings.
          We started off by walking up the bobcat trail, scanning the hillsides for any furred or feathered creatures. We came to a large group of Eucalyptus trees where a crow was making quite a ruckus. We realized it was scolding a Great Horned Owl that was roosting nearby. The Crow and Owl went back and forth fluttering from branch to branch, occasionally sharing the same perch.

Great Horned Owl

          We walked further up trail to lookout over the meadow but soon returned to watch the owl and crow behaving mischievously.

Great Horned Owl

          As the sun sank and dusk approached several coyotes began to howl and yelp. At first we could here the howling coming from a hillside nearby, and then we’d hear the reply from other song dogs echoing throughout the valley. I always love listening to the powerful voices of the coyotes.
          With the light fading we headed down to Rodeo Beach to catch the sun set beyond the clear horizon.
          It never fails, that a simple walk in nature seems to erase the day’s trials and tribulations.

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