Thursday, October 13, 2011

Richmond Bridge Sunrise - 10-13-11

Richmond Bridge at Dawn

          Several weeks out of the year I have the privilege of watching sunrise on my way to work. When I wake up in the morning and there are clouds in the sky with potential to illuminate I’ll sometimes leave a little bit early and try and watch sunrise along the way.
          Having to cross the Richmond Bridge on my way to Berkeley I pulled over near the Marin Rod and Gun club where there is a scenic overlook of the Bridge and San Pablo Bay.
          The clouds lit up with what I call pre-illumination which is where the clouds pick up a red hue, occurring several minutes before the sun is high enough to fully ignite the fiery sky.

Richmond Bridge Long Exposure

Richmond Bridge Sunrise

          Unfortunately, in order to avoid being late for work I had to leave before the real colors began. Driving the rest of the way to work I was fixated on the vibrant shades and had to remind myself to keep my eyes on the road.

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