Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Sunrise of 2011 - San Quentin Promontory - 12/31/11

          After tossing and turning a bit in bed I decided to get up early and go watch sunrise at the San Quentin Promontory near the Richmond Bridge in San Rafael.
          I walked down to the beach just as the first color was cast on the clouds at the horizon. It was still dark out, but a nearby street lamp cast enough light to illuminate the foreground with an eerie glow.

First Sign of a Neon Sunrise

          A layer of fog blanketed the water surface near the bridge and rolled across the bay like giant waves with actual rip curls.

San Quentin Sunrise

Fog Rip Curls at Sunrise

          The clouds went from a vibrant red to a psychedelic pink that was so neon it was surreal.

Neon Dawn

Psychedelic Sunrise

          After the sun rose, a harbor seal poked its head out of the water a few times as it swam around the calm waters. Seals aren't that common in the vicinity according to one of the nearby residents I spoke with. I know I've seen the seals hanging out frequently on the rocks beneath the bridge closer to the eastern terminus but I guess they rarely make their way to the western end.
Happy New Years!

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