Monday, January 2, 2012

Ring Mountain Sunset - 1/2/12

Ring Mountain Sunset

          With the days being shorter I don't really have enough light after work for a decent hike. But I have been able to take advantage of getting out to watch several sunsets which has it's advantages too; Besides being the time where nature puts on its best displays of light and color, I find that most hikers end their treks before sunset, leaving most trails vacant offering greater serenity. If you read my blog postings you'll recognize I use the word serenity quite frequently. For me personally, serenity is most profound when I'm away from other human beings and surrounded by a relatively unmolested environment in nature. That is not to say that I do not enjoy hiking alongside my fellow man, it is just that there is an innate calling in each and every one of us, whether conscious of it or not, to be one with nature. Immersing oneself in nature and solitude is a great way to satisfy or fulfill those innate desires.
          Parking my car at the top of Taylor in Corte Madera, I hiked to the top of the ridge and then followed the fire road past Elephant Rock to the next rock studded hilltop. Precariously stacked rock features are plentiful as are the vistas from the San Francisco Skyline to Mt. Tamalpais and Marin Headlands to the East Bay Hills and San Pablo Bay.

Rock Cairns atop Ring Mountain

          As the sun set, right on Que the few people that were nearby headed back to the trailhead. Although most of the clouds faded before sunset, I enjoyed the sky change colors leaving one barrel cloud scorched bright pink.

Rockin' Ring Mountain

Jumbles of Rocks

          Again, Like a few weeks ago, I heard the coyotes yelping and was even lucky enough to have an owl swoop nearby a few times. I believe it was a burrowing owl, although not 100% positive.

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