Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bolinas - Agate Beach & Duxbury Reef Tide Pools - 2/27/11

Agate Beach & Duxbury Reef


          After visiting several places dear to Sarah’s’ childhood we made our way to Agate Beach in Bolinas for some tide pooling.
          It was about two hours before the low tide of the day, yet the tide pools were accessible and teaming with life. We carefully maneuvered our way along Duxbury Reef being extra careful not to disturb any wildlife. Although the majority of the Anemones were closed up, the colors and textures were still outstanding.

Star of the Show

Orange Starfish

Great Textures & Colors

Magnificent Anemone??

          Several Turkey Vultures along with a couple of Ravens were quietly perched on a prominent rock.

Turkey Vulture

          If you look closely you can even see some filth left behind on its wing feathers.
          We continued north and spotted a large group of Harbor Seals laying on the reef in the distance. I made my way closer to the seals yet remained the proper 300’ distance from them as I set up to take photos. At that distance my lens is just not quite powerful enough to capture the detail of the seals. I love how relaxed they look!

Harbor Seals

          On our way home we stopped along the Bolinas Fairfax Ridge where we spotted a coyote on a distant hillside.

Distant Coyote


  1. Nice pictures! Hi, we met while observing the bobcat today, can't wait to see your pictures!


  2. Gunnar,
    Thank you. It is always great observing bobcats. We were particularly lucky that day. I hope to have some photos posted soon!