Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Battery Mendell Sunset - Marin Headlands - 11-9-11

Room with a View

          Another after work adventure left me with just enough time to drive out to Battery Mendell in the Marin Headlands to catch sunset.
          I parked in the newly redone parking lot near Battery Mendel which now holds only several cars. In years past you could pull right up to the Battery itself with parking for many cars. I guess it is for the best to keep impact to a minimum.
          I climbed up a couple of flights of steps which led me to the top of the main building overlooking the ocean. Following a use trail I headed south along the precarious bluffs toward an old tower and some bunkers where I posted up and waited for sunset.

Cliffside Tower

Point Bonita Lighthouse

          To the east, the rising full moon above Hawk Hill and Conzelman Road momentarily took my attention away from the setting sun.

Rising Moon over Hawk Hill

          The remnant war time bunkers and buildings with their quilt works of graffiti were a nice juxtaposition to the natural pacific landscape of the Marin Headlands.

Graffiti Sunset

Bunker Art

Bunker and Lighthouse

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