Friday, November 18, 2011

Sunrise at Albany Bulb - 11/18/2011

          Another cloudy morning presented itself worthy of a side trip to watch sunrise. I headed to the Albany Bulb not far from where I work in Berkeley to await the rising sun.
          The Albany Bulb is an interesting place to say the least. The whole place is strewn with art including old and new. From paintings to sculptures and statues and rock art, the Bulb is a Gallery in progress. The bulb is home to a few hardy souls who choose to camp out under trees and in forts amongst the concrete slabs and twisted rebar. Here is a link to a great piece written about the Bulb by Gambolin' Man.

Sunrise at Albany Bulb

Albany Bulb Sunrise

          As I watched the cloud cover start glowing red a few early risers made there way out of the bushes and headed towards town to start their daily grind to find food.

Lighting of the Bulb

Bulb Art

Albany Shoreline

          There's not a better way to start the day than with a little color! I must admit I have a small sense of jealosy for the folks that call this place home.

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