Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dilapidated Berkeley Sunset - 1/24/12

          Getting off of work late afternoon in Berkeley leaves me little time for exploration once I make it back to Marin so I decided to stay in the area and head down to the shoreline by the racetrack in Albany to watch sunset. I ended up parking near a dilapidated pier and where the low tide allowed me to walk out among the slimy rocks and climb up onto the decaying structure.
          A Cormorant perched itself on a pier piling with its wings spread out while several Coots swam near the shoreline dipping their heads under from time to time.
          Heavy cloud cover made me wonder if their would even be a sunset worth hanging around for but soon enough the sun found a hole in the clouds and broke through.

As sure as the sun will shine

          As the sun set and the clouds lit up with color I took several pictures from atop the pier.

Dilapidated Pier

Persistent Pier

Knot Hole

          Before the color faded completely I rushed over to a nearby promontory to capture some images of the pier from a different angle.

Posting Up

Piling Up

The Lost Posts

That's What's Left

          As the light faded to dark the cityscape was illuminated by sparkling lights.

City Lights