Saturday, January 21, 2012

Richmond Bridge Sunrise - 1/21/12

Dawn at San Quentin Beach

          Sarah and I drove down to San Quentin Village in San Rafael and walked down to the small beach by the promontory just before dawn.

San Quentin Promontory

          A rapidly moving storm front was coming in from the west and it was a thrill to watch as the sun lit up a selective group of clouds. For a matter of less than a minute some hot pink sun rays were shooting into the sky from behind the clouds.

Neon Rays over Richmond Bridge

          Mostly shielded by a swath of dark clouds, the sun broke through a small gap for just a moment, casting a beam of light across the bay.

Breaking Through and Shining Bright

          The gull activity on and around the beach was more than I'd ever seen in the past and we watched for a few minutes before heading back to the house for breakfast.

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