Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Remillard Park Sunset - 1/31/12

Sunset from Remillard Park

          Located off of Sir Francis Drake Blvd near Larkspur Landing is Remillard Park. It's not much as far as open space goes, but their is a decent path that follows the shoreline of the bay and loops around a small pond. Although very overgrown you can sometimes see turtles sunning themselves around the pond.
          There is a marshy area with cattails that offer perches to smaller birds such as the Red Winged Black Bird.
          I've had my eye on some pier posts there that I'd been planning to photograph and was waiting for a good sunset to do so. It just so happens that the clouds looked prime when I got off of work so I headed on over to Remillard Park and awaited the show.

Mt. Tamalpais Sunset

Tamalpais Twilight

Light Invasion

          Now this sunset was something spectacular which is why I was amazed that the only two pairs of walkers I saw on the path didn't even look up from there conversations to notice the beautifully glowing sky.


  1. These pictures are amazing. Thanks for capturing and posting them!

  2. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy them.