Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rodeo Beach Sunset - 1/18/12

          I had just enough time after work to make it to Rodeo Beach for sunset. I walked south along the beach to the sea stacks where there were a few photographers with tripods set up. Some say that Galen Rowell made this location famous, but I disagree. In my opinion mother nature made it famous for what it is; Galen Rowell might have made it a famous place to photograph.

Swirling Surf

Sea Stacks

          A layer of clouds blocked the sun and showed potential for a colorful sunset. Eventually the sun broke through a gap in the clouds for just a minute and the photographers jockeyed for position to capture the shot.

Sun Star

          I'm not too keen on photographing with mobs of people around but in some instances it is unavoidable and enjoyable nonetheless.

Rodeo Beach Sunset

          The sun soon set and we were not disappointed with the display of colors.

Marin Headlands Sunset

          A longer exposure shows off the motion of the waves appearing like an eerie fog.

Natural Mystic

Rodeo Beach Sunset

Capturing The Image

          What can I say but what an amazing sunset!

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